Festival Vision 

The vision is not just to entertain, but to educate and inspire; a rite of passage for anyone who feels they need a new, positive direction in their life. To build a community, a place where everybody looks after each other and nobody is a stranger. We create a space for everyone to express themselves freely, without judgment, and inspire each other to live in a more positive and life affirming way.  We aim to promote sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices; caring for ourselves and this beautiful land.

A fundamental objective of this event is to showcase Indigenous art and culture, and spread awareness about Indigenous affairs and the true history of Australia. As a community, we will sow seeds of love, acceptance and awareness into mainstream society. We will meet, play and learn with each other and transcend our differences.

We believe that happier people become better people, which equals a better society- love and happiness are contagious, and quickly spread through the festival and into the larger community. It is our hope that as more love-orientated events materialise, populations world-wide will experience awakenings in both spiritual and tangible forms-  more sustainable practices, better governmental policies and celebration of diversity. On a local level Tropical Bloom aims to inspire creativity and help consciousness blossom, bringing a new, positive depth of culture to the Capricorn Coast.


Indigenous Culture

The festival takes place on Darumbal land, and the security team is run by local Darumbal people, who welcome us onto their land and take care of us while we’re there. One of the key areas this event is focused on is showcasing some of the magic of Australian Indigenous culture. This will be accomplished through an Indigenous art gallery, live Aboriginal painting, traditional dancing, didgeridoo performance and dreamtime storytelling. For those wishing to delve deeper into the local history and customs, a Darumbal elder will be talking about these subjects and much more.



Tropical Bloom is an environmentally conscious ‘leave no trace’ event, with a focus on sustainability. As part of our sustainability commitment we require all food stalls to use biodegradable packaging, and we use a local rubbish company that sorts all rubbish and recycling. There will also be workshops and lectures on permaculture and sustainable lifestyle. This year we will start planting trees to reforest the creek bed and property that the event is held on. We have already built composting toilets for the setup crew, and aim to build more over the next few years.