Festival Venue

The site is situated on bank of the spectacular Hedlow creek, 20 kms from Yeppoon and 35 kms from Rockhampton. It overlooks stunning wetlands that are home to an abundance of bird species. If you’re up for an adventure, bring a kayak and go for paddle up the creek! 



The weather is likely to be nice and warm during the day and a quite cold at night so make sure you come prepared with warm clothes, light clothes, blankets and a hat. The early morning fog is surreal and makes for a unique laser show!. Also, the sunsets are ridiculous! 


Local Area Considerations

We need to show respect to the neighbours surrounding the festival site. Remember, we are coming into their community for the weekend so we need to be considerate. How to keep them happy:

  1. Drive slowly and safely- there is livestock on the road, as well as native animals and people riding horses etc. Also, we don’t want to create excessive dust near their houses.
  2. Don’t litter- We shouldn’t even need to say it, but there is no excuse for littering. Respect the neighbours and the planet.
  3. No trespassing- There is a lot of land out here, but it’s still private property. The festival site backs onto another private property, so please stay on our side of the fence!