Mana Tangata(Haka & Poi Interactive) - Mana Tangata is about our sense of identity and how we choose to define ourselves.
It is a physical state that can be conferred by others or inherited. Mana is an external expression of achievement, power and influence. Mana usually takes a physical form and can be manufactured, ego bound or driven by the individual’s own sense of importance. Mana can be a product of deeds and accomplishments and is also transferable. Mana is sustained by ‘Mauri’ (life force).

Workshop - Wahine and Tane are separated with mentors to focus on two specific areas of male and female Mana more commonly known as the Haka & Poi. 

Wahine(females) will be dedicated to what is known as Te Rere o taku Poi - Depicted flight of my Poi
         - Understanding traditional and modern processes of Poi construction or making.
         - Learn general knowledge of basic movements and their mythical origins.
         - Breathe life in to your Poi through motion and musical connection of the current times.

Tane(males) are invited in to the realm of Tānerore - God of HAKA and Tūmatauenga - God of War

- Journey back to a time of proud warriors and the ancient history of Haka/Weaponry Combat.
- Grasp essential movements accompanied by knowledge of authentic battle formations.                    - Deliver recited and completed version of suitable Haka as the promoter to the fundamental weaponry demonstration.

Our Vision

To open ones positive mindset of being creative and innovative. 

       “ Ka Hika te Ahi Kōmau - Igniting Ultimate Potential “ 

Our Mission

To provide engaged education and understanding of the Māori culture, language and performing arts as a catalyse to unleash ones Ultimate Potential.


Family owned & operated based in Brisbane with National and International teams dedicated to Interactive Māori Cultural Performances, Team Building Empowerment & Youth Development. We excel in these areas priding ourselves with our chosen guiding method,

“ Kapahaka - Traditional Māori Performing Arts “ 

This allows our clients the opportunity to contribute to the revitalisation and retention of Māori customs, ritual processes and heritage for future generations.  

Experience - Māori Cultural Workshop/ Performance

Workshop/Performances are event specific and maintain a firm respect to traditional processes. We have a high level Workshop and Cultural performance experience that will achieve a life lasting memory. Our team have been fortunate to be cultural ambassadors Nationally and Internationally providing the absolute best we the Māori have to offer.