E-motion Yoga

Fleur-desiree Wagner

E-motion Yoga: Fleur-desiree Wagner

E-Motion Yoga is a blended series of qi-qong, static dance, SHAKING MEDICINE and guided meditation; combining all into one holistic healing journey complimented by sacred sound frequencies.

Inspired by the ancient 60,000 year old ceremony of the Kalahari tribe in Africa, it has been used as key principle in healing the body within Taoism and Qi-Qong for 2000 years. Designed to heal pain and inflammation while improving natural strength and flexibility, E-Motion Yoga accesses deep emotional layers to heal physical trauma by balancing your nervous and hormonal system. It offers a simple pathway for anyone, at any level, to clear emotional layers by accessing deep states of meditation.

Moving meditation and shaking medicine are vital elements for self-healing, yet commonly missing in mainstream yoga teachings and our modern culture. So we invite you to open your heart, mind, soul and body into an E-Motion Yoga’s mindful-movement-mediation journey, tapping into the natural frequencies of our universe to facilitate internal alchemy and align with your true self.

During my healing journey through Self Development, I actively explored areas of my darkest behaviors and experiences. I visioned my being as a body temple, while exploring through the channels of my energy lines, I found many locked doors, caused by previous experiences in this life thus far and past life experiences. These were stored behind the locked doors causing disruptive patterns and hence blocking my ability to see true happiness..

I found many refreshing moments of peace and exhilarating release through the emotional ventilation processes.  I was inspired to deepen my spiritual practice which opened my passions to pursue personal studies involving the health and well being of my mind, body and spirit.  I participated in many yoga classes, meditation workshops and retreats, obtaining certification along the way. This lead towards my teaching many different forms of yoga and movement, performing mindful meditations and energy based therapies mostly through busking on tour all over Australia.

It was in my getting lost for 3 years in the bush of Australia, where I opened up areas of myself, tapping into the energies of the land and its stories. Realising that apart of healing of the earth, begins with the healing of the self .. using law of the attraction as one of my guiding tools, We are the reflections of our life at play and of the world that we surround our self with. To love another we need to love thy self. To heal the earth we need to heal the people on the earth, inorder to restore the balance of all the energies in this universe.

 My goal is to teach Love, Balance and Peace, by finding it within self and modelling it as I walk my path.

‘We are Energy, Energy Is Everything, Energy is Manifested Information which creates our Reality.’

Knowing this, I am fully aware that -all our words, thoughts and actions , the food we eat, the people we surround our self with, the chemicals we use, our connection to our self and our connection to the earth- broadcast a Frequency out into the Energy Web of Life, Manifesting and Creating the Surrounding Reality.

So, in order to fully embrace and share this humble awareness, I have chosen to deepen my understandings of many forms of therapies and practices in focus  on opening the mind, body and soul.  Blending the science of our physical world and the unseen metaphysical world, embracing natural energy therapies, health and wellbeing, yoga meditation, frequency and sound will enable me to Channel and Model how to create your own positive reality that aligns with nurturing and loving Mother Earth. I achieve this through free-styling them together with the gifts from mother earth and all her elements and multi dimensional energies.

My Gift to you is the Potential Pathway into finding the Pure Space of LOVE in all that Is.