Miri Miri Maori Massage & Meditation

Cristal Stoneman

Healing Mind and Body

We will start with a maori prayer I will show the partisapants a few slow and safe and gentle clothed massage moves to do on one and other on the ground, this will take 30min each and then 30mins of guided meditation floor time so we are addressing body mind and soul and finish off with a Maori prayer 1.5 hours but I can reduce times to fit in with the event, hygiene gell is a good thing to have so everyone can use before and after touching other people I will play relaxation music during session off a CD. I will also burn insense in a holder and will have traditional Rongoa Maori salve available and think it's great to expose Australian culture to some of our culture hope you have some Maori food, boil up and fry bread rewana bread ?

Maori massage has been a tradition dating back 4000 years passed down through the generations, Our traditional Māori healing originates from the three spiritual vessels gifted from IO to Ranginui (Sky Father) to Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) to create the infusion of life as we know it.The idea is to nurture the body and calm the spirit through touch councilling and Prayer/Karakia, A Māori healing massage can benefit people of all cultures and all ages whether you are fit and healthy or have a challenging illness. Grab a partner friend or stanger and heal and let go while we guide you through giving and recieving a treatment. After giving and receiving is shared join us in 30mins of meditation to relaxation music.