Rigged - Live Music Production with B-Syde

Blair Wright (B-Syde)

Rigged - Live Music Production


2 minute introductory performance

Who Is B-Syde? How did I got involved with music production? Why i began incorporating it into my performance.

The Foundations of Live Music Production

Loops VS Sequencing - what styles of music are better suited to each technique, pro's and con's of each technique, how to create a rig capable of adapting both.

5 min step by step performance outlining each technique in action

Hardware VS Software - Pro's and con's of each, different equipment available and commonly used.

Breaking down my rig

An in-depth look into the equipment that make up the B-Syde performance rig. Pro's and con's of each item. Techniques i use to create my sets.


Playtime - A chance to create music altogether. Audience members will be invited up to create a loop or sequence using my performance rig. They will be walked through each step. If participants for the this step exceed 10 people the jam will be held with multiple groups.

'Rigged' is an in depth look into the art of live electronic performances with a focus on B-Syde's unique rig. Sharing over a decade of experience of creating and performing music using electronic production equipment.


Producer, performer, beat maker and loop layer, B-Syde is a multi-instrumentalist that utilises live production to manipulate and loop audio from an array of instruments, sequence tight drum breaks and manifest chunky bass lines. B-Sydes live performance is a captivating whirlwind of musical genres, as he seamlessly layers roots-y guitar licks with jazzy piano rolls, creating a lush soundscape for those big bass lines and funky drum grooves.


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