Workshops / Lectures

Workshops are a huge part of Tropical Bloom, and there are three different spaces to check out. The Holistic Healing Hub has back to back workshops and lectures all weekend, focussed around yoga and healing based activities, as well as spirituality and exciting new-age topics.

The Gypsy Chill Creative Cove is a fun and relaxed space designed to get your creative juices flowing. You can expect artistic activities like basket weaving, macrame, and henna art to be on offer here.

The Garden Dome is host to all things sustainability, permaculture & climate change. Here's where you can get a practical education about some of the most import topics of our time. Strategically positioned beside the permaculture garden to help set the scene.

All of our workshop spaces are situated around the perimeter of the Kids' Zone so parents can participate while keeping an eye on their little ones.